About Dogleg Right

David P. Billings is co-founder, president & CEO, and the face of Dogleg Right. Mr. Billings is an industry veteran with over 25 years in the golf industry.  He is an avid inventor and was educated and trained as an artist and designer, earning a degree in Fine Arts from the Otis Art Institute of the Parsons School of Design in 1988.  He began working in the Sporting Goods and Golf Industries right after graduation, and started his career working for and with some of the largest OEM’s in the sport, before branching off on his own with the start-up of Dogleg Right.  Founded in 1994, Dogleg Right has launched several golf brands, including its own brands, and others for or with some of its past R&D, Manufacturing and Consulting Services clients. The Company now focuses its time and resources on its IP portfolios and its new MACHINE Putter brand.  Billings has so far received 12 US and International Patents for his inventions, with numerous other patents pending, and more in the works!

The HOG line of putters, our first brand and product segment, were first introduced to the public at the PGA Merchandise show in 1995. The Totally Oversized HOG Putter created quite a storm, with its radical, industry first and industry leading highest MOI for head, and the putter as a whole, as well as the most stable, and lowest torque shaft in golf. The initial putters featured a massive, 1.0” non-tapered shaft, and were used on the Nike (Web.com) TOUR and sold all over the world. The Company soon started offering tapered shafts, with 1.0”, 0.875 and 0.750” butt sizes paired with 0.625” tip sizes. Additional products with .750 steel, .625 Steel in tapered and stepped patterns, and a wide variety of head styles, modular hosels and other innovations were offered.
 HOG wedges and HOG Drivers were also offered, and sold well with numerous innovative technologies, performance advances and creative designs.

HOG’s on TOUR: Over 150 professionals have used Dave Billings’ innovative designs on the major tours, achieving 11 wins to date. 10 Hall of Fame golfers have used HOG putters, in official events including the Masters by one of the greatest and most popular golfers of all time.

MACHINE Putters have started down a similar road to success, with numerous future Hall of Fame professional golfers using the products on the PGA Tour. The 2007 US Mid-Am was won using a MACHINE Putter, as well as the Walker Cup and numerous other trophies.  A MACHINE Putter is already featured in the USGA Museum for it’s storied accomplishments in USGA championships. So far more than ten players each on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and Web.com Tour have used MACHINE Putters.  We expect these numbers and success to grow even more rapidly as more and more pros learn about and see the impressive work that Billings and his team are creating.

R&D and Consulting Services: Over the years, Dogleg Right has also provided R&D contract and consulting services for clients large and small, including companies such as Nike, Inc. and Adams Golf, among many others.

Importantly, R&D is a very serious endeavor, and an ongoing process in multiple categories. The Company is not taking on any new clients at this time.

Furthermore, and importantly, the Company is not accepting any outside submissions whatsoever.

Intellectual Property: Dogleg Right invests heavily in Intellectual Property with the intension to vigorously enforce and defend all its intellectual property rights.  While we welcome and encourage customers to order from our custom options that we advertise and provide, please do not propose or submit any of your own ideas for designs. Furthermore, we will not knowingly create any custom marks that might infringe on other brands or individuals’ intellectual property, including technologies, designs and / or trademarks.

Current Brands and Products: The Company currently markets the following brands and products:
 MACHINE Putters were conceived and developed with the goal of providing the very ultimate in precision CNC milling, advanced design and technologies and the most creative and beneficial options for customization and personalization in the industry.

Retailers and International distributors: Dogleg Right products have been carried in many of the finest golf clubs and golf specialty stores in the country, and throughout the world. Ask for the new MACHINE Putters at your club or favorite golf store, or place your orders here with us, whichever you, the ultimate customer, prefer. New Dealer Inquiries are welcome!