M2A Converter

MACHINE Putters by Dogleg Right. Designed by Dave Billings.

MACHINE M2A Converter Putters were created to improve upon a classic, traditional design, with new performance engineering and also add ever more options for shape, alignment, weight and never before seen levels of customization and user-adjustment. Do you like traditional blade shape, but a longer sightline? The M2A Converter with Tongue-back flange may be just the ticket. Not sure if you want to putt with a Blade or Mallet? Now you can have either, or both, in the same putter! Mix and match materials, add width with a spacer, or add weight perfect for a Belly or even long putter.


M2A Converter

M2A Thread Mill Grooves
M2A with Arc Balanced Closer
M2A Adjuster with Big Bite Bongo Back in Stainless Steel and Modular Center Shaft Over Hosel Stem Construction

Material Options:

  • 1018 Carbon Steel
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • Billet Copper
  • Aluminum Bronze

Plating Options:

  • Gunmetal Blue
  • e-Nickel
  • Copper plate
  • Hand Torched Rainbow Flame
  • Natural Finish
  • Antique Patina

Custom Options:

  • Head Style
  • Alignment Marks
  • Head Material
  • Custom Weighting
  • Hosel Material
  • Hosel Style
  • Custom Hand Bent Hosels
  • VMG Options (original, aggressive)
  • Custom Grinds
  • Custom Stamps
  • Hand Hammered Peening
  • Custom Plating
  • Custom Finishes

Head Weighting Options:

  • “Fixer” with fixed weight, or “Adjuster,” with adjustable weighting.
  • “Closer” Adjustable Arc-Balance weighting technology available in either model.
  • Additional Custom Options:
  • Alignment Marks: line in cavity (standard), blank, dot only, both line and dot or custom
  • Hosel Style: Stubby, Standard or Long Plumber Neck, Modular Center Shafted, Tig Welded Center Shafted or Cylindrical Hand Bent Hosels
  • Hosel Material Options: 303 Stainless, 1018 Carbon, Aluminum Bronze or Billet Copper

Custom Grinds:

  • Rounded
  • Melted
  • Pre-worn finish

Hand Hammered Peening
Custom Stamps: You name it! (within reason)