M9 Converter

MACHINE Putters by Dogleg Right. Designed by Dave Billings.

Three 1st Run M9 Converters

Three 1st Run M9 Converters

MP_M9_1stRun_AlBr_303No9n_FOSSGoose_1ch MP_M9_1stRun_AlBr_303No9n_FOSSGoose_1c2 MP_M9_1stRun_AlBr_303No9n_FOSSGoose_1c


Material Options:
  • 1018 Carbon Steel
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • Billet Copper
  • Aluminum Bronze

Plating Options:

  • Gunmetal Blue
  • e-Nickel
  • Copper plate
  • Hand Torched Rainbow Flame
  • Natural Finish
  • Antique Patina

Custom Options:

  • Head Style
  • Alignment Marks
  • Head Material
  • Custom Weighting
  • Hosel Material
  • Hosel Style
  • Custom Hand Bent Hosels
  • VMG Options (original, aggressive)
  • Custom Grinds
  • Custom Stamps
  • Hand Hammered Peening
  • Custom Plating
  • Custom Finishes

Head Weighting Options:

  • “Fixer” with fixed weight, or “Adjuster,” with adjustable weighting.
  • “Closer” Adjustable Arc-Balance weighting technology available in either model. (DB to do: link to new copy on technology page).
  • Additional Custom Options:
  • Alignment Marks: line in cavity (standard), blank, dot only, both line and dot or custom
  • Hosel Style: Stubby, Standard or Long Plumber Neck, Modular Center Shafted, Tig Welded Center Shafted or Cylindrical Hand Bent Hosels
  • Hosel Material Options: 303 Stainless, 1018 Carbon, Aluminum Bronze or Billet Copper

Custom Grinds:

  • Rounded
  • Melted
  • Pre-worn finish

Hand Hammered Peening
Custom Stamps: You name it! (within reason)