Technology Overview

MACHINE Putters by Dogleg Right. Designed by Dave Billings.


M4 Meritage with Deep Bite Bongo Back and M1A ATM


MACHINE Putters are designed to offer advanced performance technologies, and unequaled personalization and customization options.  In order to achieve these features and benefits, Dave Billings has created numerous Innovations and Intellectual Property Portfolios to cover and protect his inventions.  Adjustability in golf clubs is the hottest new category in golf, and Billings has been pioneering this category and his inventions in it for well over a decade.

Billings’ Technologies and Innovations include:

  • Patented Modular Hosel, Adjustable Weight and Convertible flange technologies
  • Multiple Adjustable Weight Technologies and Patents
  • Patented “Thru Insert” construction designs, Adjustable Weight Thru-sert and Transforming Shape and Alignment Thrusert Technologies
  • Patented Roll- and feel-enhancing Vertical Mill Groove (VMG) face mill patterns
  • Patented Head Designs
  • Multiple Patented Shaft Technologies and new Grip technologies under development
  • New Thread Mill Groove CNC milled face patterns
  • Multiple Alignment Technologies
  • Many other advances and refinements designed to increase your performance and enjoyment of the game.

Most MACHINE Putters incorporate classic and traditional design elements to make the putters look and feel comfortable, trustworthy and confidence inspiring. Dave Billings explores numerous design philosophies to suit different golfers’ tastes and needs.  These range from his CA2 design philosophy for “Clean At Address” often hiding weights and internal milling and weight redistribution cuts to the inside and underside of the putters.   Other Morphing, Transforming and Convertible technologies allow putters to be switched by the factory, a fitter or the owner from classic in shape and appearance to ultra-modern and high tech.

Ultimate Customization has been the primary goal for MACHINE Putters for many years. This was born from the customer satisfaction for all the custom work Dave and his team provided on the HOG series, and work done for TOUR professionals who Billings has worked with, virtually all of whom have used custom versions of Billings’ designs. With the MACHINE Putters & Grips, customization once only available to the Tour Pros is now available to you, and now even more!

Check out each Model line in the Product section of the site, and also see our Custom Series and Gallery pages for more information on the Custom and Personalization options available now, and keep checking back as we add new options going forward.