M1A Adjuster in Billet Copper with Fawn Bongo Thru Cuts

  • This is a MACHINE M1A Adjuster in solid Billet Copper, with the Fawn Bongo Thru Cuts in the cavity to remove weight and add another alignment feature.
  • The neck is a fully skeletonized modification to our new Full Offset Medium Short Plumber Neck (in between the Standard and the Stubby in length and toe hang). This comes in Half Offset too.
  • Our TMG-20 custom face mill pattern and a Mokume Gane Logo Medallion complete this head.
  • With 0.500″ steel weights installed this putter weighs 355 grams on the button, but can be adjusted up or down approx. 20 grams either heavier or lighter with different weights.
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